Terms of Sales

Article 1: General Principles

These general conditions of sale below the GTC constitute the regime to which Moncets SAS, hereinafter referred to as Vignobles Moncets et Chambrun, subordinates the sales of its products, hereinafter referred to as the products.duits ».

Consequently, the fact that the buyer places an order implies the buyer's full and unreserved acceptance of these general conditions of sale.te.
Vignobles Moncets et Chambrun can modify these general conditions at any time and without notice, the modifications thereof are then applicable to all orders which are subsequent to them.

The fact that Vignobles Moncets et Chambrun does not avail itself at any given moment of any one of these general conditions of sale cannot be interpreted as a waiver by Vignobles Moncets et Chambrun to subsequently invoke any one of the said conditions.s.

The T & Cs are opposable to the buyer who acknowledges, by validating his order verification provided for this purpose, to have been aware of them and to have accepted them before placing his order definitively..

 Article 2 Registration on the site www.moncets-chambrun.boutiquee

The sale of products is only accessible to registered buyers and holders of a customer account. The registration procedure takes place according to the terms and conditions below:us :

To register on the sitewww.moncets-chambrun.boutique the buyer must be an adult natural person legally capable of contracting and responding to the quality of consumer within the meaning of ordinance n2016-301 of March 14, 2016.16.

When registering, the buyer must provide a valid email address and password, as well as personal information..

The password is personal and confidential. Each buyer is fully responsible for the use and preservation of his password. Each buyer agrees to make every effort to keep his password secret and not to disclose it to anyone. In order to preserve the confidentiality of the password, the buyer is invited to disconnect from the sitete www.moncets-chambrun.boutique at the end of each order.

Any loss or involuntary disclosure of any element likely to allow a third party to learn about a buyer's password must be immediately reported in writing to Vignobles Moncets et Chambrun, so that it can change the identifiers and passwords.e.

If the password is forgotten, the buyer must indicate it via the Forgot password section. He will receive an email to reset his password to the email address indicated when registering.iption.

 Article 3: Products

The products offered for sale and present on the site are each subject to a brief description. The photos which illustrate the description of the products are given for information only and are not contractual. For any questions about any of our products, you can reach our customer service at 33 05 57 51 19 33 19 33

The products are offered and delivered within the limits of available stocks.

Apart from reimbursement of sums already received from the product following a shortage of stocks at Vignobles Moncets et Chambrun, the latter is not liable for any cancellation compensation, unless the execution of the GTC is personally attributable to him.ble.

 Article 4: Offer

The online sales offers presented on the site are reserved for buyers residing in Metropolitan France and for deliveries in this same geographical area. SUnder certain conditions to buyers from the following countries: Austria, Belgium, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Netherlands, Spain.

The online sales offers presented on the site are valid, in the absence of specific indication, as long as the products appear in the Our wines tab on the site and within the limits of available stocks.les.
The acceptance of the offer by the buyer is validated by the confirmation of the order.de.

 Article 5: Orders

The language offered to order is French.

To place an order, the buyer selects the products and / or services of his interest. The list of products and / or services is present in his virtual basket. The buyer then clicks on the Validate my Basket button and provides the information relating to the delivery and the method of payment. He has the possibility to check the details of his order and its total price and to return to the previous pages to correct any errors or possibly modify his order.ande.

Confirmation of the order implies acceptance of the GTC and forms the contract..

An email acknowledging receipt of the order and its payment will be sent by Vignobles Moncets et Chambrun as soon as possible.

Orders are effective from the date of debit from the buyer's account..

Any payment paid to Vignobles Moncets et Chambrun cannot be considered as a deposit.

Due to credit card fraud, Vignobles Moncets et Chambrun reserves the right to request documents justifying the veracity of the order from the buyer. In addition, Vignobles Moncets et Chambrun reserves the right to refuse any non-compliant and doubtful order, as well as any order from the buyer who has not fully paid a previous order or with which any dispute is underway. Vignobles Moncets et Chambrun also reserves the right to study on a case-by-case basis and to accept or refuse any order for which delivery must take place outside France, in particular with regard to the special rules and conditions applicable in the country concerned, which the buyer expressly recognizes and accepts. In case of refusal of the order in this context, Vignobles Moncets et Chambrun will inform the buyer as soon as possible.délais.

Article 6: delivery time

Delivery times are indicated as exactly as possible, depending on availability and transport. The deadlines indicated on the order forms never constitute a firm commitment to deliver on the fixed date. The overruns cannot give rise to damages, deductions, penalties for delays or cancellation of an order, total or partial.
In the event that the shipment of our products is delayed at the request of the purchaser and after our agreement, they will be stored and insured at the expense and risk of the purchaser.ur.

It is recalled that force majeure releases Vignobles Moncets et Chambrun at the discretion of Vignobles Moncets et Chambrun temporarily or permanently from any commitment to deliver the products.s.
All causes hindering and / or stopping the manufacture and / or delivery of the products or those of its suppliers and / or subcontractors are considered as such. Vignobles Moncets and Chambrun must inform the buyer..

 Article 7: Terms of delivery

The products are shipped to the buyer via the carrier selected by Vignobles Moncets and Chambrun.n.

The delivery times applicable in the context of orders through the site www.moncets-chambrun.boutique are those indicated during the order, before validation thereof. These deadlines are likely to vary in particular according to the place of delivery, the chosen delivery method, the quantity of products ordered and their availability. The delivery times announced when ordering are indicated in working days and subject to validation of the order.

The products are delivered by Vignobles Moncets et Chambrun according to the formula chosen by the buyer when registering and / or placing his order, to the delivery address indicated by the buyer. If all or part of the addresses or information required for delivery provided by the buyer prove to be incorrect, obliging Vignobles Moncets et Chambrun to return the orders, the buyer will be responsible for the costs and consequences.uences.

As such, the products are from their delivery in the custody of the buyer who fully bears the risk of loss and those that the products could suffer or cause, for any reason whatsoever. As our goods are carefully checked and packaged before shipment, it is the recipient's responsibility to take all reservations with the carrier in the event of deterioration, missing items, etc.tc.

Vignobles Moncets et Chambrun is committed to doing everything in its power to ensure that delivery deadlines are met..

Article 8: Palletization packagingn

The packaging and delivery media are deemed by the purchaser to be suitable for preserving the integrity of the products. The purchaser therefore undertakes to discharge Vignobles Moncets et Chambrun from any legal action brought against him on this basis.ment.

 Article 9: Product prices

Unless agreed in writing by Vignobles Moncets et Chambrun, the products which are the subject of the order are supplied at the price in force at the time of confirmation of the order by Vignobles Moncets et Chambrun. Vignobles Moncets et Chambrun reserves the right to make any modification concerning its products, prices or conditions of sale at any time and whatever the stage of processing of the order, in particular taking into account market fluctuations without notice, or compensation for the benefit of the buyer. sale.ente.
If the selling price is caused to vary between the moment when the order is received by Vignobles Moncets et Chambrun and the moment when it confirms the said order, Vignobles Moncets et Chambrun will inform the buyer in the meantime and will inform him of the new conditions. tariffs.s.
Under the circumstances, the buyer will have the option of::
– To maintain his order, which will then be governed by the new pricing conditions,
– Not to follow up on his initial order,
this without the need for payment of compensation for the benefit of one or the other of the parties.ies.
Unless agreed in writing by Vignobles Moncets et Chambrun, prices are understood to include all taxes, including VAT and are expressed in Euros. The prices of the various costs are those indicated during the order, shipping costs, packaging costs, etc. The total price of the order is that indicated during the validation of the order by the buyer, before the confirmation of the order.mmande.

Free delivery from 300 TTC purchase, subject to change depending on the current offer..
For any order of less than 300 incl. VAT, a fixed price of 30 incl. Shipping costs applies.que.
Free delivery saccording to the current modalitiesfor the following countries: Austria, Belgium, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Netherlands, Spain.

Article 10: Payment of the price

The terms of payment of the price are fixed during the order.

In the absence of specific details:
– All orders are payable in cash. The goods will be shipped upon receipt of payment.
– The payment deadline may not be delayed under any pretext whatsoever the claims made by the buyer are in no way liable to postpone the due date for payment of the price to which they relate.tent.
– Payments will be made in Euros by online bank card, VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS or via the Apple Pay service in accordance with the payment deadlines set by the parties.
The buyer must take all measures for the payment to be effective on this date..
– The invoice is considered paid when the amount shown on it is credited to the bank account of Vignobles Moncets et Chambrun.
– All deductions and / or compensation are expressly excluded without the prior written consent of Vignobles Moncets et Chambrunn
– No discount is granted in the event of early payment..
Any sum due and not paid at the end of the period mentioned above, will bear interest at a rate equal to three times the legal interest rate in force from the first day of delay and without a reminder being necessary, in accordance with the provisions of Article L.441-6 of the Commercial Code.erce.

In accordance with the provisions of article D.441-5 of the French Commercial Code, in the event of non-payment of an invoice on its due date, an indemnity for recovery costs of 40 euros will also be applied automatically. Finally, the buyer will bear the final charge of any costs incurred by Vignobles Moncets and Chambrun with a view to recovering his legal and extrajudicial debt.res).

In addition, the non-payment of a single invoice makes immediately due automatically the amount of the other invoices remaining due to Vignobles Moncets et Chambrun all the sums in question immediately producing interest according to the terms defined above.us.
In the event of late payment and without prejudice to the foregoing, Vignobles Moncets et Chambrun may at its discretion: :
– Suspend its obligations concerning the order affected by the delay as well as all orders in progress until full payment of the sums that the buyer remains owed to him,r,
– Subordinate the execution of current orders to the taking of guarantees or to new terms, in particular new payment terms giving all payment guarantees to Vignobles Moncets et Chambrun and deemed satisfactory by Vignobles Moncets et Chambrunrun
– Cancel any orders in progress as of right and keep the accounts paid by the buyer, without prejudice to the payment of any damages that may be due in this respect by the buyer to Vignobles Moncets et Chambrun. This termination will affect not only the current order but also if it so sees fit to Vignobles Moncets et Chambrun all previous or future unpaid orders, whether executed or in progress and whether their payment is due or not.u non.

In order to optimize the security of transactions, any payment made by credit card on the www.moncets-chambrun.boutique is carried out through the secure online payment system called STRIPE, which encrypts all data relating to orders including names, addresses and credit card numbers so that the information communicated is protected during transmission.sion.

 Article 11: Return and Return Guaranteese

No return of unjustified merchandise may be required by the buyer, with the exception of the provisions provided for in the Withdrawal article. Any return can only be accepted after prior written agreement from Vignobles Moncets and Chambrun, at the buyer's expense, subject to any damages.rêts.

The responsibility of Vignobles Moncets et Chambrun can in no case be sought in the event of a wine quality defect occurring during the production of the wine, vinification, bottling and assimilated to a corky taste, early oxygenation, etc.c.

Article 12: Retention of title

The products, the sale of which is governed by these conditions, are sold with a clause expressly subordinating the transfer of their ownership to the full payment of the price in principal and accessories.
It is understood that the simple delivery of a document creating an obligation to pay, draft or otherwise, does not constitute payment within the meaning of this clause. The claim of Vignobles Moncets et Chambrun on the purchaser subsists with all the guarantees attached thereto, including retention of title, until the commercial bill has actually been paid in accordance with these general conditions of sale.nte.
The buyer must ensure at all times that the products for which payment has not been made are identified as the property of Vignobles Moncets and Chambrun and cannot in particular be confused or be the subject of a claim by third parties.ers.
Products in stock are presumed to be unpaid.
The purchaser is prohibited from pledging or assigning in any form whatsoever, as a guarantee, the ownership of the products.s.
The products may be taken back by Vignobles Moncets et Chambrun, at the buyer's expense and without the need for prior notice, in the event of non-performance of its obligations by the buyer, without prejudice to the payment, to the benefit of Vignobles Moncets et Chambrun, of any damages and interests.ts.

Article 13: Withdrawal

If the consumer chooses to withdraw and cancels his order before shipment of the goods, theseller must reimburse himthe full amountpaid: he cannot invoiceno penalty.

Pursuant to the provisions of the Consumer Code, the buyer has a period of 14 clear days from receipt of his order to inform Vignobles Moncets et Chambrun of his withdrawal by email to contact@chambrun.fr. The after-sales service will then invite you to return the entire order, for exchange or refund, at the buyer's choice, in good condition and in its original packaging with the original invoice and a withdrawal letter containing the following information:tes :

List of products and quantities
Order / invoice n______________
Date passed: ___ / ___ / 20 ___
Received on: ___ / ___ / 20 ___

The return of all products ordered must be made within 14 days of receipt of the order. It will give rise to a refund equal to the total amount paid by the buyer, ie the purchase price of the product (s) purchased and any delivery costs. In the event that certain products have been used or consumed, these products and all delivery costs will be deducted from the reimbursement made to the buyer. The return costs are the responsibility of the buyer. The goods travel at the risk and peril of the buyer. The return will take place by the carrier chosen by the buyer. Refunds for the merchandise will be made within 14 days of receipt of the merchandise. On the other hand, in the event that the buyer notices an anomaly on the part of Vignobles Moncets et Chambrun, for example: product delivered that does not comply with the product requested, Vignobles Moncets et Chambrun undertakes to reimburse all the costs incurred by the buyer: product price plus costs return, and shipping costs, to the extent that the products are returned as is.voyés en l’état.

Article 14: Data processing and Freedoms see General Conditions of Use of the sitete)

Vignobles Moncets et Chambrun declares to be in compliance with the provisions of law 78-17 of 6 January 1978 as amended relating to information technology, files and freedoms. Personal data is subject to computer processing for the purpose of customer relations. The recipients of this data are Vignobles Moncets et Chambrun, In accordance with the Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978 amended in 2004, you have the right to access, rectify and oppose information concerning you, which you can exercise by contacting MONCETS SAS, Chemin du Roussillon 33500 Néac contact@chambrun.frbrun.fr

 Article 15. Protection of minors

In accordance with article L.3342-1 of the Public Health Code and with Law n2009-879 of July 21, 2009, the buyer undertakes, by placing the order, to be eighteen 18 years of age at the date of the order. Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health.a santé.
If the buyer places an order from a country other than France, the latter agrees to have the minimum age to consume alcohol as specified in the legislation of the country concerned.rné.

 Article 16: Fight against alcohol abusel

Vignobles Moncets et Chambrun reminds us that alcohol abuse is dangerous for health and that it should be consumed in moderation.on.

Articles 17: Pregnant women

The consumption of alcoholic beverages during pregnancy, even in small quantities, can have serious consequences on the health of the child..

Article 18: Force Majeure

Vignobles Moncets et Chambrun cannot be held responsible for the execution of the T & Cs in the event of an event of force majeure, as defined by article 1218 of the Civil Code and the jurisprudence of French courts.is.

 Article 19: Competent jurisdiction Applicable lawe

These general conditions of sale are subject to French law.


If the general conditions of sale become the subject of a translation into a foreign language, the French language will prevail over any other translation in the event of dispute, litigation, difficulty of interpretation or of execution of the general conditions of sale, and more generally, concerning the relations existing between the parties.ies.

 Article 20 General Conditions of Use of the site..

Article 20-1 - Identification

MONCETS, SAS with a capital of 11,651,000 euros, whose registered office is Chemin du Roussillon 33500 Néac, registered under number 538 779 067 with the RCS of LIBOURNE, is the owner of the website www.moncets-chambrun.boutique hereinafter the Site or Vignobles Moncets and Chambrun.run »).

The Site is hosted at Shopify. It is accessible from the URL www.moncets-chambrun.boutiquee

Article 20-2 Definitionss

In these terms, the terms below have the meanings given to them here:


refers to consumers who use the Site to order products from Vignobles Moncets et Chambrun »


means the present general conditions of use of the Site..


elements inserted on the Site.


refers to the moncets-chambrun.boutique website which allows clients to connect with Vignobles Moncets et Chambrun »


anyone who uses the Site.

Article 20-3 Purposet

The Site enables Vignobles Moncets and Chambrun to connect with Customers. Customers can order products online and pay for them online.

The Site also broadcasts advertisements and highlights promotional offers.

The purpose of these T & Cs is to define the conditions of registration and use of the Site for Customers.s.

The CGV-CGU must be respected by all Customers.

These T & Cs contractually bind the Customer to Vignobles Moncets et Chambrun.

 Article 20-4 Access to the Sitee

All the costs necessary for the equipment, for the connection to the Internet are the sole responsibility of the User.ur.

The user declares to be aware of the characteristics and limits of the Internet described below: :

  • That data transmissions on the Internet benefit only from a relative technical reliability and that no one can guarantee the correct functioning of the Internet; ;
  • That Vignobles Moncets et Chambrun has taken important measures to secure access to the Site, but that the data circulating on the Internet may be the subject of misappropriation, and thus the communication of passwords, confidential codes, and more generally, any information of a nature sensitive is carried out by the User at his own risk;ils ;
  • That the Internet is an open network and that the information transmitted by this means is not protected against the risks of diversion, fraudulent, malicious or unauthorized intrusion into the User's information system, hacking, alteration or unauthorized extraction of data, modifications , malicious alterations of programs or files or contamination by computer viruses. It is therefore its responsibility to take all appropriate measures to protect its own data and / or software stored on its servers from contamination by viruses such as attempts to intrude into its computer system by third parties via the access service. d’accès.

As a result of the above, and in full knowledge of the characteristics of the Internet, the User waives the liability of Vignobles Moncets and Chambrun concerning one or more of the facts or events mentioned above.s.

The user acknowledges having been sufficiently informed about the IT conditions required to access the Site..

Article 20-5 Registrationn

20.5.1. Information obligations

The user acknowledges having verified the suitability of the Site to his needs and having received all the information and advice that was necessary for him to register in full knowledge of the facts.se.

20.5.2. Duration

Registration on the Site is valid for an indefinite period, the Customer being able to terminate use of the Site whenever he wishes. The Parties are hereby bound from the day of acceptance of the T & Cs by the Customer.nt.

20.5.3. Conditions of registrationn

In order to be able to create an account, the Customer must be able to contract major, capable. He acknowledges registering in his own name and on his own behalf.el.

The user certifies that the information concerning him is correct. It validates the T & Cs..

20.5.4. Registration

Registration on the Site is made directly by the User.r.

The information requested is mandatory and allows Vignobles Moncets et Chambrun to have all the information on the identity of its client..

The account can only be used by the registered User. Access to the account is through usernames and passwords which are strictly personal and confidential. The user agrees to keep them secret and not to disclose them.guer.

In the event of loss or theft of the username or password, the User must notify Vignobles Moncets and Chambrun immediately.s.

Article 20-6 - Obligations of the Userr

20.6.1. Use of the Site

The Customer agrees not to use the Site for purposes other than those specified in these T & Cs, and in particular not to use it for professional or commercial purposes.es.

20.6.2 Regulation of the service provision

See the General Conditions of Sale.

The responsibility of Vignobles Moncets et Chambrun cannot be engaged in the event of a payment problem.

20.6.3. Respect for property rights and the protection of copyrightr

Unless otherwise stated, the elements accessible on the Site such as databases, management tools, texts and more generally all the information made available to the User are the full, entire and exclusive property of Vignobles Moncets and Chambrun. The content of this site, in particular data, information, illustrations, etc. is protected by copyright and other intellectual property rights.uelle.

The user is prohibited in particular: :

  • To copy or reproduce, decompile, in whole or in part the Site by any means and in any form.e.
  • Any reproduction or total or partial representation of this site by any means whatsoever, without express authorization, is prohibited and constitutes an infringement punishable by articles L.335-2 and following of the Intellectual Property Code.
  • Any total or partial reproduction of logos, images, scripts, HTML code, meta tags made from elements of the site without our express authorization is prohibited within the meaning of article L.713-2 of the Code of intellectual property..
  • Any copy, reproduction, distribution, in whole or in part, of the content of the site by any means whatsoever is illegal with the exception of a single copy on a single computer and reserved for the exclusive private use of the copyist.te.
  • The elements presented on this site are subject to modification without notice and are made available without any guarantee, express or implied, of any kind and cannot give rise to any right to compensation..
  • It is up to the user of this site to take all appropriate measures to protect their own data and / or software from contamination by any viruses circulating on the Internet..
  • Use the Site other than in accordance with the strictly interpreted stipulations of these T & Cs..
  • The User's Registration only confers on him a right of personal private use, non-transferable and non-exclusive.sif.

20.6.4. Responsibility

Failure by the User to comply with the points referred to above will entail the right for Vignobles Moncets et Chambrun to close the User's account without notice, or any compensation or compensation.e.

Vignobles Moncets et Chambrun reserves the right to take legal action against the User.r.

Article 20-7 - Liability of Vignobles Moncets et Chambrun

Vignobles Moncets et Chambrun will do its best to ensure that the Platform is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but does not commit to an availability rate. The Site will make its best efforts to ensure that it operates reliably and continuously, but cannot guarantee uninterrupted and error-free operation. The user recognizes in particular that no one can guarantee the correct functioning of the Internet network.et.

The Site undertakes to take all reasonable precautions to ensure the protection of the Platform and to secure access to it.s.

The user agrees to inform the Site within 24 hours of discovering a technical malfunction preventing them from using the Platform and / or the Site.Site.

The Site does not guarantee that the Platform will be free from anomalies or errors, nor that they can be corrected.s.

The Site, through the Platform made available, allows a connection but cannot be held responsible for any event detrimental to the User in connection with the performance or lack of performance of the service ordered.e.

The user is informed of the inherent limitations of the Internet and uses the Platform at their own risk. The Service Provider is in particular requested to back up their data, as the Site cannot be held responsible in the event of data loss..

Access to the Site being free, the User undertakes not to claim compensation or damages from the Site or from the Supplier in the event of an interruption or stopping of the service, whether the shutdown is temporary or permanent.initif.

In general, the Site cannot be held liable for any damage caused by an act of force majeure, by the Customer or by a third party, nor for any indirect and / or unforeseeable damage.

Article 20-8 Terminationn

The Client may ask Vignobles Moncets et Chambrun to delete his account, just as Vignobles Moncets et Chambrun may cease its service or decide for one of the aforementioned reasons to suspend the Client's account without having to pay compensation or damages.s.

Article 20-9 - Assignment

The user is expressly prohibited from transferring, for payment or free of charge, all or part of the rights and obligations that he holds as a result of this Contract.at.

Article 20-10 Protection of personal data, rights of access, modification or deletionon

20.10.1 Data processing

Personal information or photos that may be collected on this site, at reception and when subscribing to the newsletter are subject to computer processing.isé.

In accordance with the provisions of Law n2004-801 of August 6, 2004 amending Law n78-17 of January 6, 1978 known as the Data Protection Act and the general data protection regulations RGPD, the personal information requested from the User is necessary for the proper functioning of the site. These data are transmitted to the Service Provider selected by the Customer and to him alone. The data are not transmitted to other recipients within the meaning of the Data Protection Act.ibertés.

The Customer is informed that he may receive commercial offers from Vignobles Moncets and Chambrun..

In accordance with the provisions of law 78-17 of 6 January 1978 as amended and the GDPR:

– Any User who has communicated personal data to the Site may exercise their right of access to data concerning them, have them rectified, deleted or limited, depending on the situation opposing them.r.

– You also have the right to receive personal data concerning you in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format and the right to transmit this data to another controller.

– To do so, requests must be made by contacting MONCETS SAS, Chemin du Roussillon 33500 Néac email address: contact@chambrun.frr

– Your request will be processed within 30 days.

– Your data will be kept for 3 years from your registration on the Site and this over time. Unless the consent expressed to the Site is withdrawn..

– The Site undertakes never to transmit your data to third parties..

20.10.2 Cookies

In accordance with CNIL deliberation n 2013-378 of December 5, 2013, Vignobles Moncets et Chambrun informs Users that cookies record certain information which is stored in the memory of their hard drive. This information is used to generate audience statistics for the Site and allows the Customer to be recognized during connection. An alert message, in the form of a banner, asks each person visiting the Site beforehand if they wish to accept cookies. These cookies do not contain confidential information about Site Users. The banner must be closed by a voluntary action by the User clicking which constitutes agreement to deposit the cookie on the terminal.erminal.

This page allows you to understand what a Cookie is, what it is used for and how you can configure it..

What is a cookiee ?

This is a text file placed in a dedicated space on the hard drive of your computer, tablet, mobile phone or any other device optimized for the Internet, when viewing content or an online advertisement. This Cookie file can only be read by its sender. It allows its issuer, during its validity period, to recognize the terminal concerned each time this terminal accesses digital content containing Cookies from the same issuer. The cookie does not identify you personally, but only the browser on your terminal.minal.

What are cookies used for?

Four types of Cookies, meeting the purposes described below, can thus be saved in your terminal when you visit our site: :

Technical cookies are necessary for browsing our site, as well as access to various products and services. Technical cookies make it possible in particular to recognize you, to indicate your visit to a particular page and thus to improve your browsing comfort: adapt the presentation of the site to the display preferences of your terminal display resolution, memorize passwords and other related information to a form that you filled out on the registration site or access to the licensee's space. Technical cookies also allow the implementation of security measures, for example when you are asked to log in again to the licensed space after a certain period of time.laps de temps).

Audience measurement cookies are issued by us or by our technical service providers for the purpose of measuring the audience for the various contents and sections of our site, in order to evaluate and better organize them. These cookies also make it possible, where appropriate, to detect navigation problems and therefore to improve the ergonomics of our services. These Cookies only produce anonymous statistics and traffic volumes, excluding any individual information.elle.

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Article 20.11 - General

The nullity of one of the clauses of the T & Cs on the Site, in particular a law, a regulation or following a decision of a competent court which has become res judicata, will not entail the nullity of the other clauses of the T & Cs which will retain their full effect and reach between the parties.rties.

No provision of these T & Cs shall be deemed to have been excluded, completed or modified by one of the parties without a prior written act and signed by the authorized officials of the parties in the form of an amendment to these T & Cs, expressly deciding to waive the Site from a contractual clause, to complete or modify it.ier.

The fact that Vignobles Moncets et Chambrun does not avail itself at any given time of any one of the clauses of this Contract, and / or of a breach by the User of any of its contractual obligations cannot be interpreted as a waiver by the Site to subsequently prevail over any one of the said contractual clauses or obligations.lles.

Article 20.12 - Applicable law

These T & Cs are subject to French law.

Article 20.13 Settlement of disputess

Any dispute arising from the interpretation or execution of these T & Cs will be the subject of an attempt at amicable settlement.ble.

In the absence of an amicable solution between the parties, any dispute that may arise between the parties will fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts of Bordeaux France.e).